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Burn The Floor DanceSport Australia
Dancesport Photos.Net    Dancesport Info
The Australian DanceSport Championships- Melbourne  Dancesport UK Online
Dance Societies in WA Australian Dance Supplies
Australian Dancing Society Flawless Crystals
Australian Institute of Dancing HQ Designs
Dance Masters International Association Inc M & M Dance Supplies
  Sydney Diamante & Dance Supplies
  Zahira Crystals
Dance Studios in WA Overseas Websites
Ballroom Fit Blackpool Dance Festival 
Crystal Ballroom Dance-News UK 
Chisholm Dance Studio  Danceplaza
Daele Fraser's Dance Studio & Promotions Dancescape
Danza Pasion  Dance Lovers USA
DancePower World DanceSport Federation
Danz Active World Dance Council
Empire Dance Club  
Humphreys Dance Studio   
Inga Haas School of Dance  
Jus' Dance Studio  
Rapture Salsa Dance Company  
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Australian Dancing Board (ADB) Australian DanceReview
Perth Ballroom Dancing  based on WA information Outside Change